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Interview: Emily Saliers

Emily Saliers and Amy Ray have been together as the Indigo Girls for over three decades. Their career took off with their 1989 self-titled album, with key songs like "Closer to Fine" and "Kid Fears" reminding us that music can be simultaneously beautiful and thought-provoking. Both Saliers and Ray are amazing songwriters, with some additional song highlights being "Strange Fire", "Secure Yourself", "Galileo", "Least Complicated", "Power of Two", and "Shame on You". Over the years their music has evolved - perhaps most notably they started plugging in their guitars more often - but their wonderful lyrics and harmonies have always continued to shine. Their next album - a project with the University of Colorado Symphony Orchestra - will be released at the end of June. The Indigo Girls are also politically active, and have long supported environmental, Native American, and gay rights causes. This interview with Emily Saliers was for a preview article for for their 6/30/18 concert at the Fremont Theater in San Luis Obispo. It was done by phone on 6/11/18.

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