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Interview: Dick Lucas

Dick Lucas is the singer for Subhumans, who are regarded to be one of the most important and influential anarcho-punk rock bands, with songs that have railed against war, corporations, politics, and oppression with unmatched ferocity. Subhumans formed in 1980 in Southwest England, and after three EPs released their first album Day the Country Died in 1982. This was followed by the album From Cradle to Grave in 1983, featuring the 16-minute title track. Several more releases followed before the band broke up in 1985. Fortunately, Subhumans reunited in the 1990's, and they recently released Crisis Point, their first new album in twelve years. The band has had the same line-up since 1983. This interview was for a preview article for for the 10/21/19 Subhumans concert at Discovery Ventura in Ventura, California. It was done by phone on 10/12/19. (Publicity photo)

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