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Interview: Rob Thomas

Rob Thomas first had success as the frontman for Matchbox Twenty, whose 1996 album Yourself or Someone Like You has sold over 15 million copies thanks to songs like "3AM", "Push", and "Real World". Next came a collaboration with Carlos Santana that yielded the smash hit "Smooth", which won three Grammys and is ranked as the Number Two song on Billboard's all-time list of Hot 100 songs. Matchbox Twenty followed up with hits like "Bent", "If You're Gone", and "Unwell", and Thomas launched a solo career in 2005 with the Number One album ...Something to Be. Thomas' new album Chip Tooth Smile will be released in April. This interview was for a preview article for for the 3/29/19 concert by Rob Thomas at the Chumash Casino - a benefit concert for Sidewalk Angels Foundation, which supports no-kill animal shelters and animal rescues and whose President is Rob's wife Marisol. The interview was done by phone on 3/8/19.

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