You’ve got email, from Dick Dale

I emailed Dick Dale the link to my review of his concert at the Ventrua Majestic Theater on 6/14/09. Here is his response, by email:

very very nice….thank you and i am glad that you felt and enjoyed what
comes from within me…. the dd music lovers are my family…

one correction:
jimi did not play like me… when i would show him my slides

he learned them as a true left hander….

his strings were strung for a left hander with the big E on top.

I play upside down backward…. the book never told me to turn it
the other way stupid….you are left handed….ha

so i play on a right handed neck just like you would if you are right

I only turn it upside down with the big E on the bottom cause my drumming
rhythm is in my left hand.

why fix it if it aint broke….ha d


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