Article: Jeff Barry and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Article about Jeff Barry being honored by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.


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  1. I met you Jeff many years ago in Los Angeles. I have followed your career and have enjoyed so much your many accomplishments. Its so much fun reading about your life and your history! When i met you i was newly graduated from Purdue in Indiana and you were so very kind to me-introducing me to Connie Stevens for whom i worked the summer of 79 . Anyway, I enjoyed a career as a singer for many years and honed my craft back in the midwest. Then i started a family and have dabbled in music since the 80’s. i never bugged you to help me-what an idiot i was!!! When i tell people i knew you- they are stunned. You remain a really strong memory for me-though you probably don’t remember who the heck i am. you were very important in my growing as a
    musician and performer- you allowed me to watch you produce a rock group and introduced me as a friend to many of your associates. i will always be grateful that we met and that your kindness was a sweet respite from the stress of L. A. for me. Thanks, Jeff. Sincerly, Mary Beth Ellis

    Posted by Mary Beth Ellis | September 16, 2012, 6:01 pm

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