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Remembering Musicians Who Died in 2011

A list of some of the notable musicians who passed away in 2011, including a few who performed in the Santa Barbara area in recent years. Some are well-known, many are not, but all are worthy of our respect. R.I.P. — Rock In Peace.

Interview: Mark Tulin from The Electric Prunes

Mark Tulin was the bass guitar player for The Electric Prunes, which is best known for 1966’s psychedelic garage-rock classic single “I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night),” the lead track on the highly-regarded Nuggets collection compiled in 1972 by Lenny Kaye. The Prunes’ original line-up also released 1968’s psych obscurity Mass in F Minor, a Catholic mass, sung in Latin, composed by music producer/arranger/composer David Axelrod – the track “Kyrie Eleison” from this album was on the soundtrack for the generation-defining movie Easy Rider.

This interview was conducted in person on 8/23/09, and formed the basis of a preview article of the Spirits In The Sky concert at Muddy Waters Cafe on 8/27/09. We started talking about the upcoming show, and then covered The Electric Prunes.

Concert Review: Spirits in the Sky (Billy Corgan, Dave Navarro, etc)

Review of Billy Corgan and the Spirits in the Sky’s show at Muddy Waters Cafe, 8/27/09

Concert Preview: Spirits in the Sky (Billy Corgan, Dave Navarro, etc)

Preview of Billy Corgan concert on 8/27/09 at Muddy Waters Coffee House in Santa Barbara, with interview with Mark Tulin from the Electric Prunes and The Spirits in the Sky